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800 MHz High Performance Cellular Amplifier

Single Band for North American 800 MHz Cellular Systems (Excluding Nextel)

Compatible with Alltel, AT&T and Cingular HPWLS

RoverAMP amplifiers seamlessly bridge RF amplification between cell towers and today's elaborate handsets without disrupting the carrier’s tower management networks. Thus the entire line of amplifiers becomes an integral part of all wireless network solutions.

*Unit includes a amplifier, 110vac power supply, an external antenna with mounting hardware and 25’ of low loss coax cable with connectors. Plus, an interior antenna with an attached 12’ coax cable and connector is also included.


Keeps customers connected to utilize the full potential of their phones and network services at dramatically greater distances.
Transmits both VOICE & DATA
Allows simultaneous, multiple users onboard.
No physical connection to a cell phone required.


CDMA 2000, TIA/E-98-A&D,1XRTT, TIA/EIA-690,ANALOG (dual mode), IS-95-A&D, GSM and GPRS


Part Number: MTEC-800AMP
Input Voltage: 8.0-28.0 VDC
Current Draw: 0.170 to 890 mA
RF Input Power: 4.932 watts (+36.9 dBm)
RF Output Power: 4.529 watts (+36.9 dBm)
Receiver Sensitivity: -110 dBm (maximum)
Noise Level: >4.2 dB
VSWR: less than 1.9
Signal Sensitivity: -115 dBm (maximum)
Gain: 70db (average)
Dimensions: 8" L x 5" W x 2.25 H
Weight: 3 lbs.


How to Install Rover AMP (Download PDF)

*Manufactured under license from Motorola, Inc.