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1900 MHz 1800 and 2100 band in one Amplifier

*Unit includes a amplifier, 110vac power supply, an external antenna with mounting hardware and 25’ of low loss coax cable with connectors. Plus, an interior antenna with an attached 25’ coax cable and connector is also included.


•Product Features

•High gain>70dB, High output power 30dBm

•Light weight, small dimensions, easy to install

•Easy set DL/UL gain via local PIN switch manually, Gain adjustment of uplink and downlink; gain adjust step is 1dB and the adjust scope is 30dB.

•Smart Automatic Level Control (ALC) to reduce interference to BTS

•Linear power amplification to effectively suppress inter-modulation and spurious emission

•An alarm interface with unique color LEDs to indicate power supply and signal level of uplink and downlink

•Simple installation with external AC/DC adapter

•Dual ports and full duplex design


Compatible with 900 MHz, 1800 and 2100 bands. Field upgradable to 4G all in one unit.


Part Number: MTEC-1900AMP
Input Voltage: 8.0-28.0 VDC
Current Draw: 0.170 to 890 mA
RF Input Power: 10-60 mW
Maximum RF Output: 2 Watts
Receiver Sensitivity: -110 dBm (maximum)
Noise Level: >4.2 dB
VSWR: less than 1.9
Signal Sensitivity: -115 dBm (maximum)
Gain: 65 dB (average)
Dimensions: 8” L x 5” W x 2.25 H
Weight: 3 lbs.


How to Install Rover AMP (Download PDF)

Spec Sheet

Tri Band Spic Sheet Rover AMP (Download PDF)

*Manufactured under license from Motorola, Inc.